Smitty's Pizza was founded in 1970 by Dominick S. Brunetti and family. Smitty's Pizza began 1990 with son, Dominick L. Brunetti and his wife Barbara. The dedication for serving you with Quality, Pride and at Reasonable Prices continues. In June 2022, we will be celebrating our 52th year as an independent family business that looks forward to serving you "Great tastes for all tastes".

(Article as seen in the Clarksburg Exponent~Telegram Dine-Out Guide)
Smitty's Pizza
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As the Arch is the gateway to the west, Smitty's Pizza is the tasteway to the North. Smitty's Pizza has been known as the place to get that great homemade taste since 1970. Smitty's Pizza prides itself in preparing many of its homemade ingredients, such as its famous tasting pizza sauce, pizza shells, meatballs and sauce, pepperoni rolls, peppers and sauce, Italian sausage, salad dressing, hot dog chili, special blends of cheeses, and many more specialty items.

Smitty's Pizza is a small business that owes much of its success to its founder, Dominick S. Brunetti and family. Dominick, better known as Smitty, is no stanger to adversity. When his first wife, Rose, died, he was left with the task of raising five young children, ages two, four, ten, twelve, and fourteen. Smitty is most proud of the fact that he was able to put his five children through college: Rose Angela, Sam, Dominick "Duke", John Michael and Donna.

At age 12, Smitty decided that he wanted to become a barber. Influenced by his brother Joe, a graduate of a barber college in Detroit, Michigan, Smitty studied under his brother for four years. He became eligible to apply for a state barber's licence when he was only 16. Upon receiving the licence, he became the youngest barber in West Virginia. In 2005, upon his passing, at the age of 86, Smitty was among the oldest practicing barbers in West Virginia.

How did Smitty go from barber to one of the premier pizza makers in the country? He came upon hard times in the late 1960s, when long hair became the style. In his idle hours in the barber shop, he had plenty of time to think and he decided to start a new busines. Since he had such a vast knowledge of food preporation, he settled on the idea of a pizza shop. He learned at an early age from his mother, who was an excellent cook, and he had a brother that was a chef and taught him a lot. Smitty's brother was the late John H. Brunetti, who was well-known in the area for his numerous chili cookoff titles.

Smitty also served as a mess sergeant in the U.S. Army, preparing both the menus and the food for the enlisted men. Smitty has created many of his recipes, through extensive reading, research, experimentation, sampling and tasting. He loves to invent things, especially with food. This love is what has led to Smitty's extensive menu of its Famous Pizza, Italian Subs, Hoagies, Hot Sandwiches, Dinners, Salads, Lunch Specials, Specialty Items, Delivery, and Catering.

When he suffered a heart attack in 1986, he began to look for a healthier diet. He was encouraged by the doctors and the nurses in rehab to develop the "veggie pizza," topped with fresh vegetables: green peppers, onions, broccoli, zucchini, tomatoes.

In 1990 Smitty passed the torch to his son, Dominick and his wife, Barbara. They along with the employees, have continued to serve their customers with Quality, Pride, and Reasonable Prices.

Smitty's Pizza gets a lot of its flavor from its employees, who act and are treated as family. This is, no doubt, the reason for the longevity of the employees. The staff at Smitty's is a team that has over 180 years combined experience.

Smitty's Pizza serves its customers six days a week. Monday through Saturday from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m and is closed on Sundays. Stop in and see why they say that Smitty's has "Great taste for all tastes."